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Staffing Solutions for the Dental Professional

Save Time with Anetco Dental Personnel

When you seek talented and dependable dental professionals for your dental practice, we have the staffing solutions for you.

Anetco caters exclusively to the dental industry. In fact, we have been the top dental staffing agency in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over 30 years.

We make it easy to find the top-caliber candidates you have been searching for. We work with highly qualified and talented temporary and permanent personnel, including:

  • Dental Hygienists
  • Dental Assistants
  • Front Office Staff
  • Dentists

Why Turn to Anetco to Fill Your Staffing Needs?

Simply put, we work with the largest pool of candidates and the most qualified professionals in the dental industry. Dentists trust Anetco because we take the time to know their personnel needs.

You can always count on a quick response and a staffing team that’s here for you when you need us. It’s all part of building relationships – relationships that have kept clients coming to us for over 30 years.

Every referral we make is carefully screened, including a thorough reference check.

Trust Anetco because we find the applicants you need:

  • Experienced Candidates - With the most qualified candidates, Anetco delivers superior results compared with traditional advertising.
  • Prescreening - All applicants undergo a reference check and screening interview to save you time during the interview process.
  • Temporary Staff - For your busiest periods, Anetco can supply you with qualified, experienced temporary dental staffing. Your need for flexible staffing may include:
    • Vacations
    • Extra projects
    • High production periods
    • Daily or Long-term employee leave of absence
  • Personal Service - We give you access to exceptional candidates before they're even available. You get the benefit of a personal talent scout for your office.
  • Employer/Employee Match - Our knowledge of employment trends, compensation packages and interviewing methods helps ensure you're paired with employees who fit your office.
  • Pre-Hire Observation - Pre-hire prospective candidates via working interviews and observation days. It's a great way to get a read on a potential employee's skills and work ethic.
  • Complete Confidentiality - Candidate's identities are protected as needed to maximize the applicant pool and ensure you have access to all available prospects, including currently employed professionals. Employer names are also concealed as needed to avoid disclosure to existing staff.
  • Licensure & Credentials - The candidates who work with Anetco maintain up-to-date credentials. Many also enroll in continuing education to enrich their dental knowledge.
  • Personalized Suggestions - As we get to know your business, we offer personalized suggestions to retain your valuable employees, increase teamwork and boost productivity in your office.
  • Reduced Tax Liability - By providing placement opportunities for terminated employees, Anetco helps reduce your tax burden by allowing continuation of former employees' income.
  • Guaranteed Placements - Every position of need listed with Anetco is guaranteed to be filled to your satisfaction.


Anetco has helped me for several years find outstanding personnel. They listen to your needs and send outstanding candidates for me to evaluate during working interviews, the best kind of interview. I will continue to use Anetco whenever I am in need of adding to my team.
Hugh Oser, DDS
Keller, Texas

Annette, thanks for doing such a great job matching personalities and traits between our office and your temps. You’re the best.
Kyle G. Keeter, DDS
Dallas, Texas

Anetco has been great helping me with my staffing needs. Anetco helped me both search for a new employee and sent reliable temps. They have been professional, courteous, and reliable. I would recommend you contact them for any staffing needs.
Jason Roe, DDS
Plano, Texas

Dental Personnel with a Personal Touch