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Catering to the Dental Community

Anetco serves dental practices and the dental professionals that are a vital part of their teams. We’re a venue for dental professionals to market themselves and for dental practices to find the talented, hard-working employees they need.

We recruit our candidates from highly respected colleges, universities and certification programs. We maintain strong ties with professionals who are currently employed – when they’re ready for a change, they come to Anetco for placement opportunities.

Meet Our Team

Annette Stevenson,

Annette Stevenson, founder of Anetco Dental Personnel, has over 20 years of experience as a Dental Personnel Consultant and 10 years of clinical experience as a dental hygienist. Annette speaks frequently about dental careers at Texas colleges and universities and advises several hundred aspiring dental professionals.


Mary Ann,

Mary Ann, Dental Staffing Associate, has been helping dental practices and dental professionals for over 10 years as a staffing associate with Anetco. Prior to joining Anetco, Mary Ann accrued 20 years of experience as a dental assistant in cosmetic, restorative and orthodontic practices.


Elizabeth, Dental Staffing Associate, joined Anetco in 2016. Elizabeth manages the schedule for temporary and permanent dental hygienists and dentists and has 7 years of dental and business management experience.


Barbara, Dental Staffing Associate, has been matching dental professionals with new jobs and dental office owners with new employees for over 15 years. Barbara brings with her 10 years of prior dental office experience.


Anetco has always provided personalized attention, prompt responses and the highest caliber of applicants for my staffing needs.
Gary L. Harris, DDS
Dallas, Texas

Anetco has made a major contribution in my journey to find the perfect office. Anetco made a difficult transition a lot less nerve-wrecking just by being there.
Cheri Gonzalez, RDH
Richardson, Texas

Transitioning from school to work was a lot less stressful working with Annette and her team. It was always comforting to know there was someone I could go to if I had any questions or concerns.
Emily Brockette, RDH
Plano, Texas

Dental Personnel with a Personal Touch